For the first use,wipe the surface of the wafer with adamp clothand wipe the surface of the heating disc with a brush dipped in oil or butter.
Mix the flour, eggs, water, salt and oil slowly and slowly. Stir well. The batter concentration is similar to that of thick milk.Do not mix bubbles or pimple.The effect is better when you If you placed it in advance1-2 hours.
Pour the batter into a special batter plate, connect the power, then indicator ligh will be lighten, baking pan began to heat,preheat 3 minutes and it will be off, then you can start baking.
Turn the pizza over, tilt the batter into the batter plate, and then make the batter stick to the batter plate,stop for 3 seconds,bring flip over, on the tableabout 20 seconds, cake surface color will change, it is done. Use a wooden shovel or chopstick to loosen the edges and pour into the dish.

Product Power: 900W
Product Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Net weight: 1.5kg
Color: Black
Size: 42 x 20cm

Package Included:
1x Electric Baking Pan
1x Handheld Egg Beater
1x Dough Mixing Bowl

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